How To Discern the Voice of Satan

CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! The less we know about God, the greater our risks of being deceived increase. Our Enemy's techniques are far more superior than our own ability to discern. I received an email from a superior just the other day and I usually don't hear from him unless it is very important and... Continue Reading →


I remember when I was growing up a particular year in which our county had endured one of the longest stretches of severe weather outbreaks. It seemed like every other night that we were huddling down in the closet with blankets and pillows while it was pitch-black outside with a still hush and the haunting... Continue Reading →


I can tell you that I'm a good person. I can wear a badge on my shirt that says "Good person" on it. I can write a song and strum a guitar and tell you how good I'd be to you if you'd just let me have a chance. I could write a sonnet that... Continue Reading →


All it takes is a little inspiration. One person to perform something and be successful that you know you are capable of doing yourself. My older brother posted a video of himself on Facebook one day before Christmas last year. The video was typical of him-goofy and witty. He was in a gym with gym... Continue Reading →


It's a mystery, the human existence. In one of the most intriguing sermons I've ever heard, Adrian Rogers once said that we exist in three parts, but are represented in one existence simultaneously. He explained that the body is temporal and animated by the spirit (which animals also have) while what makes us unique is... Continue Reading →

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