It’s a mystery, the human existence. In one of the most intriguing sermons I’ve ever heard, Adrian Rogers once said that we exist in three parts, but are represented in one existence simultaneously. He explained that the body is temporal and animated by the spirit (which animals also have) while what makes us unique is that we humans have a soul. This, Rogers argued, is what gives us our eternal nature. We will exist eternally even though we die physically.

I would have to agree with what Dr. Rogers argued for. And since that is something I see Scripturally, it comes with many implications. The spirit is something God references over and over in the Word of God. One of them being the most profound things that we could ever imagine.


This blew me away. To know that the same God who created mankind is the same God who knows mankind’s entire existence. With great intentionality and vivid display, God searches the innermost parts of men and women. He knows us better than we know us!

That can be a troubling thought, a sobering thought, or an encouraging thought. In my case, all of the above.

He knows me. He knows when I say filthy words from the past in my mind that never reach the ears of others around me. He sees the wicked thoughts that pass through my imagination that even my own mother or father could ever dream that I would think. He sees the intentions of my disposition and choices that I make even before I’ve made them. He knows if their fact-based, emotions-based, fear-based, guilt-based, or even pride-based. He knows the level of each choice, thought, intention with complete accuracy that will never diminish.

This brings me comfort because I know that I need a Redeemer. My thoughts and intentions, aside from His grace, will be evil and selfish; even if they do have the appearance of virtue and goodness. Along with him, I know my thoughts and intentions, therefore, I have no other option than to simply know and embrace that He is “greater than my [heart] and knows all things”. His lamp lights up the darkest corners of who I am and compels me to conform to the image of His Son rather than to the dark silhouette of my own image.

If you are taking up too much stock in who you are, what you’ve done, and who you want to be in the future: take heed to the fact that God sees the heart of man like a lamp piercing darkness.

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