I was once burning some fence boards that had blown down from a storm. I burn everything in my backyard in a corner that doesn’t usually have much wind billowing around it. The fire had grown so big at once that it actually began to catch my fence on fire! Embarrassed and in alarm, I found myself totally unprepared. My water hose was too short. I had a bucket of water that only made the fire laugh at me when I threw it on it. My son began to ask a thousand questions about what was going to happen and told me the obvious as I scrambled to get another water hose to extend my existing one. I finally put it out, and needless to say, I stayed by that fire, water hose in hand, until it was completely out. That would have been a very costly mistake.

Pornography is much more dangerous. It doesn’t just jeopardize a wooden fence or the house, it jeopardizes marriages, relationships, the mind, the heart, and the soul. I know this very well because I have experienced these things. No, I never lost my home, my marriage, or relationships (beside that I had with pornography); however, I did forever damage my mind and heart by engaging in this horrific sin. Jesus said that adultery begins in the heart (Read Matthew 5) and that lust is the same as adultery. That gripped my heart after my salvation in 2011. After nearly a year of wavering repentance, I finally was able to walk away and never return to pornography in late 2012. But simply because I haven’t returned doesn’t mean that I’m not tempted to return.

Even as a pastor, I still have absolutely random bouts with the “pull” of sin. As with any addiction, the body experiences a rush of endorphins once it reaches its “need” and experiences temporary satisfaction. Also true with any addiction, is the overwhelming and much more lengthy bouts of guilt and condemnation with it. This is both our conscience being triggered and our God laying His conviction upon us. So, knowing my weakness, I knew I needed accountability. An accountability that was deep; a kind that would allow the person holding me accountable to know everything I do and see. Enter in, Accountable2You. This amazing app has created a strong accountability between myself and my wife. This app chooses up to three people that receive a condensed email each week of all the websites that the user visited throughout the week. If there’s any questionable material, it will mark it appropriately and even send an email immediately to the partner if the material is questionable enough for immediate action.

As a Christian, I’m expected to bear fruit of a holy life that demonstrates a transformed mind, and therefore, a transformed life (Romans 12:1-2). As a pastor, I’m called to set the example of a disciplined lifestyle of mortifying (killing) sin (1 Timothy 3). As a husband, I am called to purity and devotion both in my heart and in my actions (Deuteronomy 23:18; Matthew 5:28). No matter how you slice it, we are called to purity and to accountability.

Do you have a battle plan?

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